Activation of eOI - PIN and PUK

It is possible to use eOI only after an activation process is being conducted according to instructions that are available on the Portal, and using the activation data obtained in the security envelope.


During the procedure of card activation, the following is being installed:

  • PIN1 to protect identification private key
  • PIN2 to protect the private signature key
  • PUK data that is used in the event that any of the PINs is locked

Remember or write down your PINs and PUK.
If you write down your PINs and PUK, make sure that you store them in a safe place.
Do not keep the recorded data on PIN and PUK numbers with your eOI!
If you suspect that your PINs or PUK are disclosed, change them immediately!


While using eOI, you should take into account the following:

  • After 6 consecutive attempts to enter the wrong PIN, the card will be locked.
  • A locked card can be unlocked with the PUK number.
  • After 6 consecutive attempts of entering a wrong PUK, the card will be blocked and the person must come to the police administration / police station where the authorized person will unblock cards.