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Certificates AKDCA Root and HRIDCA

All certificates issued to persons were signed by HRIDCA issuer.

Certificate by HRIDCA issuer is signed by root issuer AKDCA Root.

AKDCA Root is only a signature certificate.

When checking certificates by a person, AKDCA Root and HRIDCA certificates are used for verification that need a one-time import to a computer.

The certificates can be downloaded in DER, PEM and TXT format at the following links:

AKDCA Root (SHA1: ‎ac b9 a6 c0 7a 1b 20 89 9e 89 6c a1 a3 ad d9 65 34 39 94 58 )

HRIDCA (SHA1: ‎89 60 bc 73 90 d8 4b ef 83 e4 32 85 9e f0 0b 0a 27 5d 15 9e )

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